Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  Not only did the dark and dreary weather outside put me in a funk yesterday, so did my playing. The day started out fine until a friend who was logged in spotted a rare spectral tiger (I am currently camping the spawn spot). I rushed home from my errands to try and tame this majestic beast, but alas I was too late. Many people would say: "Hey, no big deal. I'll come back at another time." I, one the other hand, have become obsessed with taming cool pets. I'm like a girl at a shoe sale and when that last pair of  Louboutins get nabbed, well folks, Heather gets oh so sad. Add that to the fact that I am an 85 hunter who can seem to pull more than 8k DPS in a heroic, and I am sure you would be sad as well (we're not even going to discuss the whole "I couldn't for the life of me tame Kirix" debacle).
  I immediately called Brett to tell him I didn't know what I was doing in the game, that I felt lost, my quest log was insanely long and I just felt as if I couldn't play one my own any more. He told me that I should just do my daily's and and then gave me a quest chain to follow so I could get my panther cub companion. Let me tell you, even something as doing a few quests to get a little companion pet made me feel good. He also told me to just practice my duel-specs. I recently switched it up to get more DPS, but haven't been practicing with it, so I know that one is on me. My bad. Some of the most help came from my IRL friend James. Check out the Buyers Remorse blog below.
   Hopefully with a little practice, some new pets, and a little perspective, I won't be such a downer in this blog and you'll be hearing exciting achievements and stories from me soon!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Buyers Remorse

Its finally happened! I am now a level 85 blood elf hunter! As excited as I am though, I still cannot shake these other feelings that have crept up on me. Lost, confused, and even a little bored. I love learning new things, and for that exact reason, I feel that is why I have not fully embraced my completion of leveling. I know, I know, there is so much for me to learn now that I am maxed on my leveling. Yet, without a goal to meet, I feel like I am floating along in the game with little purpose. I complete my daily quests and go on raids, I even did a heroic with my guild. However, it still lacks a certain something I used to look forward to. I remember waking up in the morning taking care of everything important for that day and actually looking forward to getting on the computer to see how many levels I could blow through.
  Now one of my hesitations when I had first started was that I do not like games that do not have levels. Give me a start and a finish until I have finished the game and I am a happy girl. So you may already see where me problem is. Once you finish leveling (the part that's start and finish) the game does not end. It may be that those level games are the only ones I played growing up and are now so accustom to them that my mind feels it must shun all other games, but its taking a lot for me to get back on the game and play.
  Don't get me wrong when we go into a raid its fun, but what about all the other times when no on is online. I have already finished my major professions. I really am working on archaeology and cooking but it is so hard to get into it. Help me!! What have you found to get you excited and going.

Is this the end for our hero?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


  Ah! No time to blog. I am at level 83 and about half way through the level. It is so much harder to level now that the refer-a-friend bonus' are off, but I guess it is good for me. I just have to learn to be patient.
  Oh, the name of the post? Well if you must know I am a professional illustrious grand master in herbalism and am about 4 points away from earning the same achievement in my inscription. Its was so exciting when the little box popped up telling me I was all done, and a little sad at the same time. I really did like hunting down herbs, and finally reaching new levels in which I could pick new things. As far as the inscription goes, I still have one more thing to train in and then I am done as well. Or so I thought. I was on Skype with a friend of mine and told him how I will be able to inscribe anything within the next day or so. He proceeded to give me a list of things he needed and yet I had not been trained to make any of them! I thought I could do everything (except the one remaining task to train). While this made me sad, it also gave me hope. My inscription did not have to stop as my herbalism had. I can keep learning. The only thing is its through these books that randomly drop in the game. I went to buy one through the auction house and they wanted 400 gold for it! So for now I will settle on slowly mastering that craft, but take pride in completing herbalism.
  As I opened with, I have no time to blog. I want to be 85 by this weekend!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Cure

    I know how you were all worried for me and my D.P.S.D., but I have found the cure! It was indeed, gear! I am officially level 81. Thank you, thank you. I hit level 80 yesterday and thanks to refer-a-friend, playing with Brett yesterday got me to level 81 before I logged off. Now that the rest of my friends are near my level, we can all play together. I have been looking forward to this since I started playing this game. So you can imagine my despair when my friend, who queued us all for an instance, had said I did not qualify to play with them. I immediately got disheartened and thought that it would take me another week or so until I could play. I allowed my inexperience in this game to get me down, and it was only because my item levels were not high enough. With a little help from Brett and his leather-working I qualified in no time. I have to say, I had a great time!
  All together we completed about three instances and I picked up amazing gear! I am so glad I have friends I can Skype, who will help me through it all. At one point I pulled a ton of aggro and they didn't get mad at me, just told me to watch out next time. I was braced for a verbal lashing, considering we all died, but no nothing but helpful guidance and encouragement. I was shocked. It really made the experience less overwhelming and intimidating.
   As far as my D.P.S., well lets just say at one point I out D.P.S.'ed everyone! However, I mainly maintained an average amount of D.P.S., on the brighter side I never was on the bottom like I have been for the past several dungeons. So right now I am feeling pretty good about myself and I am not logging off today until I hit level 82.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Yes, I know its shocking to hear but I have D.P.S.D! Oh, are you not familiar? Well, I have Damage Per Second Disorder (ok, it is made up and no so serious. I got you reading though). No matter what I try In dungeons, if I am evenly matched (everyone else in it is my same level) I get out DPS'ed. I have learned the rotation of my strikes and am using them correctly I just feel that it must be my gear (yes my ego is that big that it couldn't possibly be my fault).
  This "D.P.S.D", if you will, got me really down and I logged off insanely early last night. Now I don't even want to log back in. A friend of mine went in a dungeon with me yesterday and pointed out that the healer was doing more than I was, we didn't need any healing so he just started attacking to help us out, but still it hurt. Any tips, advise. If you have played a Blood Elf Hunter, Is this normal? Brett told me that my gear will do fine until I get into Cataclysm, but should I upgrade sooner? Give me some feed back. Thanks

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eve of Destruction Part 2

  I know I posted yesterday the guild I was in, and as far as yesterday that information was correct. However, a new day brings new surprises. Remember My friends new guild that they were starting up? Well, I could not wait to join and level a guild, so I didn't. I hit level 76 and thought hey I'll just join. I earned (and bought) my illustrious guild tabard and /gquit out of there. Now I don't even think anyone noticed, because no one said anything. I was at least expecting; " Thanks for playing with us, appreciate all the achievements you earned with us." but nothing. Now I really don't blame the boys for leaving. Call me crazy but shouldn't there be a little more thoughtfulness in the world. Even if it is the world of Warcraft, we are all playing for a common goal. Oh well.
  So now I am in a new guild with my friends and granted I will take longer to level and I may not have as many perks. It will all pay off when the guild is level 25 and I can look back and say; " Yeah, I joined in at level one, and helped this guild along to become what it is today." Also, it is another great learning experiences for me, and isn't that what this adventure and blog are all about?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eve of Destruction

  No Eve of Destruction is not the title of a new movie about the earth's end as we know it. Its the name of the guild I am in. Now as I am still a "nube" I am not completely sure what purpose a guild serves. I know that when I started playing I was in a different guild and then Brett said we were switching into this current guild. I also received  a lot of invitations to join guilds while I leveled 1-20. But I don't know what they do? I looked up the definition on guild and found: " a. An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards. b. A similar association, as of merchants or artisans, in medieval times." Both seem applicable(minus the medieval times part), and I know there are certain perks to being in a guild. You can earn "XP" a lot faster, as well as get more items when things drop. This will most likely have to be my next lesson with Brett, because I cannot for the life of me see what all the fuss has been about. Allow me to explain.
  For a week or so now my friends (IRL) have been fed up with our current guild and were in talks to get their own guild together. Can you blame them? They are not being treated the way that the guilds first group is, missing out on raids and the guild is apparently unorganized. There was a timed raid to go off at 8:30 and at 9:15, still no word on when and if the raid would start. Now if I were a higher level I am sure this would anger me as well, but I am only a level 75 so I am still a bit to young to go off and play with the big boys. All I care about it are the things that currently effect me (I hope I used the correct version of effect/affect).
  Long story - short, My friends have left and are now leveling their own guild. Which I think is pretty cool. Starting from scratch and building something new, I am always a big supporter of that. My husband, however, is so close to being exalted and getting an amazing mount that we will remain in Eve of Destruction until he reached that point. From what I have heard if he switches now, he will not be able to reach exalted status for another six months!! Remaining in this current guild he will have it in a couple of weeks. As for me, you ask? Well, it will be easier for me to level in my current guild. So I remain here until I hit level 80. At that point I really wont be overly concerned with reaching 85 and it will be fun to play with my friends again and level a new guild. 
  As for my progress I now have epic flying and am doing great in my professions, Grand master status! I am earning a lot of justice points in the dungeons I do and I am so close to having a friendly reputation with the guild. No more of this neutral status for me!